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Your one-stop travel guide for anything Scotland. Craig Smith Travel Tips and Advice March 16, 2020 September 25, 2020 Travel Tips A holiday in Scotland can be expensive. As Scotland is a small country, air travel is uneconomical on most short routes. Boasting one of the largest gay scenes in Scotland, Edinburgh is a vibrant city rich in history, culture and attractions not to be missed. You’ll have a guide to answer your questions and you can rest assured that this smaller group leaves a smaller impact on the environment and local resources. Be a better tourist in Scotland and take a small group tour. It’s still a good idea to carry one in case of a light drizzle, but a waterproof jacket with a hood will more often serve you better. However, due to the rural nature of many Scottish stations there may not be anywhere to buy a ticket — if this is the case the station will have a sign saying so, and you simply buy your ticket once on the train. Explore Scotland! The quickest way to look like a tourist in Scotland is to order a “scotch” at the bar and take it as a shot. Don’t forget to mention the midges that are abundant when you get near any body of water. To inspire you to Travel to Scotland or help you narrow down the list … As always, I only recommend a product or service that I genuinely love and use myself! Not one of us 50 tourists ever got out of line or became disrespectful to Scottish people, landscapes, landmarks, accommodations or the like. It’s the alleged home to Nessie,... 2. Best in Travel 2021. She's passionate about responsible travel, history and preserving local cultures. Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher. However, if you are visiting from Europe and dial 112, this will automatically be transferred to the emergency services, too. I hope you enjoyed this instalment of my Be Invisible series! The views are incredible – we know – but please step aside to admire the many, many stunning views Scotland has to offer! Southwest Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway are far too often overlooked, with as much beauty, history, and awe-inspiring places as any other area. This means sensible precautions need to be observed around water. Get inspired with Rick Steves’ recommended places to go and things to do, with tips, photos, videos, and travel information on Scotland. A group run by Scotland locals and travel experts for anyone planning a trip to Scotland! The other one is to expect both the best and worse of weather. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Having been adopted as an American expat in Scotland, I try to help my fellow foreigners learn about and fall in love with this vibrant country. Driving on the Isle of Skye. We claim to be wherever our ancestors came from – nearly ignoring the whole American identity itself. Contains Ads. I found that hilarious. TRAVEL SCOTLAND - BEST OF. It may be a cliche, but nevertheless true that Scotland as a bit of something for everyone; from the historic city of Edinburgh to the glorious unspoiled peaks of the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye, there truly is something to appeal to every taste. Various repellents are available; some work for some people, others work for others. That’s always been my attitude when traveling although I never realized there was a hip term for it. It gives a good overview of the region, its sights, and how to get in, as well as links to the main destinations, whose articles are similarly well developed. Scotland Travel guide. And – every year – you can spot the tourists who didn’t realise how cold it gets atop a dormant volcano near the sea at this latitude. Travel tips for Scotland. Scotland is a bonnie country for one main reason: It rains… a. Thanks for this helpful information. Pro Travel Tip: You need to make a reservation for most restaurants during peak season. Featured. First of all, it’s called whisky. It is best to check locally as to whether there are any bylaws that prevent camping, or the lighting of fires. And don’t forget to wave a thank you if someone stops for you. Our Road Trip Guide covering all the Must Sees in Scotland! Bursting with helpful tips and tricks, I’ve asked locals from particular cities around the world to share their insider knowledge on the best ways travellers can become “invisible” when visiting their city and enjoy it like a local. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and St Andrews will all have small local shops that sell locally made products. If you want to remember your trip to Scotland forever, these are the types of souvenirs that will last your entire lifetime! Start a New Topic. We absolutely loved every day of that trip. Therefore this stunning land is lush and vibrant all year-round. Scotland Travel Guide. I hear what Amanda was trying to say about deterioration of infrastructure and the land that comes with large amounts if tourism; but, perhaps she could have found a better way to say it without insulting a majority of the tourists. All other images credit to Amanda Walkins. Part of the United Kingdom, Scotland occupies the northern third of Great Britain and shares a border with England in the south. The nation, however, is also known for its illustrious cultural history and the friendliness of its inhabitants, making … In Edinburgh, Armstrong’s Vintage is a second-hand shop located right in the Grassmarket. When walking around our city streets, please don’t just stop suddenly to take photos (this is really a universal thing). Do you have any extra Scotland travel tips to add to this list? Welcome to my “Be Invisible” series – your ultimate guide for how to avoid looking like a tourist on your next adventure and guaranteed to boost your entire travel experience. This post is very helpful and it contains a good tips and helpful tricks thank you so much for this post. The Scottish people pride themselves on their famous hospitality and will often go out of their way to ensure visitors are well-treated. If you are driving in a rural area, remember that locals are also using those single-track lanes to get to work, so you must drive at regular speeds or allow them to pass. A fancy new Peugeot would have cost 10X that or more and ruined my trip. This is a general travel tip but I’m mentioning it at the top because I’ve … Isle of Skye Travel Tips. Private Edinburgh Castle Tour with a Local Guide →, Edinburgh New Town Walking Tour with a Local Guide →, “Outlander” Locations, Palaces & Jacobite Day Experience from Edinburgh →, Scottish Highlands Whiskey Day Tour from Edinburgh →, Roman Britain, Hadrian’s Wall & Scottish Borders Day Tour from Edinburgh →, Fife Kingdom & St Andrews Day Tour from Edinburgh →, Palace of Holyrood House Advance Tickets in Edinburgh →, Loch Ness, Gloncoe & the Highlands Day Tour from Edinburgh →, Loch Lomond, Stirling Castle & the Kelpies Day Tour from Edinburgh →, Torridon, Applecross, Eilean Donan Castle Tour from Inverness →, 10 South Korea Travel Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist, My Ultimate Mid Range Travel Resources to NOT Look Like a Tourist, Crucial Taiwan Travel Tips & Etiquette From a Local to Know Before You Go. Generally speaking, we’ve seen how mass tourism can harm the environment, infrastructure and impact locals’ lives negatively so I do agree (and highly encourage) smaller group tours here on my blog. If you will be on one of these islands it is wise to plan ahead for Sundays. Often the start of many Scotland journeys, Edinburg has a wide range of activities for the avid traveler. Antarctica. We love to see people admiring and appreciating the natural beauty of Scotland. Be prepared for anything and don’t complain that your holiday is ruined by a few raindrops. Get information on Scotland Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. Weather conditions can change extremely fast in Scotland and hikers die each year on the slopes.Finally, one of my favorite travel tips for Scotland is to remember that cars drive on the left side of the road, and drivers drive on the right side of the car. Things to do in Scotland to book in advance. 14 Must-Visit Historic Towns in Scotland . Her dreams? CONTENT. Planning a trip to Scotland is a daunting task - especially when it's your first time. Why not take a look at the latest Edinburgh hotel deals? Ask for recommendations during a slow afternoon instead. TOP TIP: Even if you’re visiting Scotland in the summer, pack layers! Some people who visit the wilder places of Scotland do not realise how tough the mountains can be or how quickly conditions can change and find themselves needing rescue. I’m glad you think being “invisible” a hip term and that you’re so like-minded about this! A professional language hoarder, she can usually be found burying herself in travel books and Wikipedia articles. I learned that having a 10-speed Raleigh went unseen, but a Peugeot bicycle drew insults from every nut and granny! In summer when the wind drops below 5mph, and the sun is hidden behind clouds, these tiny biting flies may appear as if by dark magic. A dram is meant to be appreciated, sipped, savoured. Scotland has a lot of water, from deep freshwater lochs through to rivers, burns (a burn is the Scottish word for stream), and many miles of coastline — mainland Scotland alone has over 6000 miles of coast to explore. News. To make the most of your stay you must consider the travel options, including how to get here and once on the Island how to get about. Asia. So glad you found this helpful, Hassan. Half my lifetime ago I bicycled around Scotland with a friend for a few weeks. TOP TIP: The umbrella is, unfortunately, a fairly useless item here in Scotland, as rain is often accompanied by a strong wind. This means we get ever-changing views, stunning light and remarkable photographic opportunities — but it also means you do not want to be caught without wet weather gear, an extra warm layer or two, hat, gloves and sensible footwear. Read some of our favourite travellers’ tips below. The SWC300 is a marvelous route and includes all the things you mentioned about Skye and Arran…with slightly warmer weather and FAR fewer tourists and tour buses. When walking around our city streets, please don’t just stop suddenly to take photos (this is really a universal thing). The situation will be evaluated with the patient, hospital and insurance policy afterward. But only if you're up for superb food, charming locals and breathtaking views! Scotland's best sights and local secrets from travel experts you can trust. Often bed and breakfasts or hotels will ask walkers for this information — and it has saved lives. Itineraries. Please, don’t pretend you know all about Scotland because you once had a distant relative who might have possibly lived here. Asking questions and showing a sincere interest in this culturally rich nation will offer you better insight than strutting in to declare yourself laird of some castle. Alyse, just a thought. An adventurous person could use this article, but please feel free to … Or if you’d like some more travel ideas and inspiration, here’s all my articles about UK & Europe to get you started. Ditch the flip-flops and tank tops, bring the socks and scarves! The Scots are particularly fond of that old saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” You might have days when you get all 4 seasons in a few hours! You can therefore park almost anywhere on this vast land of unspoiled nature. My first trip to Scotland was with a large tour on a large coach bus. Best of Scotland Travels. Lonely Planet Scotland is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. You can also head to various Post Offices across Scotland … Pay attention to oncoming traffic and if you are closest to a passing place, wait there. Scotland Travel Guide. Travelling the Scottish Highlands is one of the most rewarding experiences you can get. Thanks Alexander, it’s a very unique idea and something I’m very passionate about! Here are 13 such pointers that might come in handy. Scotland Tourism: Tripadvisor has 5,413,032 reviews of Scotland Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Scotland travel resource. There is often a light, refreshing summer breeze — but this can mean you do not feel yourself burning until too late. You should absolutely stop and enjoy them, just do so with others in mind! If you want to try a local whisky, be sure to ask the bartender for recommendations based on your taste preferences. I hope you enjoy Scotland when you go! Photos, infos, maps, tips, best things to do, off the beaten track ideas.... All you need to plan your itinerary and discover the dramatic landscapes, long history, tasty whisky, abundant wildlife... MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME IN SCOTLAND! Make sure to take mosquito cream with you when you go walking. Is Your Passport Really Valid? With four international airports, three major ferryports, and superb trans-Britain incoming motorways and trunk roads to choose from,getting to Scotland couldn't be easier. Find special offers on flights, tours and much more with great ideas for touring Scotland. And you’re so right about the weather, layering up and expectations. Dedicated to travellers with a mid-range budget, my responsible travel blog explores ways we can enjoy being a visitor in a foreign place by 'blending in'. | Scotland has many treasures crammed into its compact territory – big skies, ancient architecture, spectacular wildlife, superb seafood and hospitable, down-to-earth people. Places like the Isle of Skye and the Northcoast 500 are experiencing major challenges with their infrastructure due to increased popularity. Get off that typical tourist trail at Loch Ness and, instead, head to Cairngorms National Park or Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park for epic views and outdoor adventures. There can be areas that become off-limits to visitors from time to time, including when trees are being felled, or when hunting is taking place. If you visit these places – and especially if you opt to drive yourself – learn the local laws and obey all of them to avoid overwhelming local communities. There are plenty of options for small groups (up to only 16 people) from Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Inverness. Thanks for your comment , I have friend from Scotland and he always asks me to come and visit him, and visit Scotland and to know his country and enjoy the charming countryside and its beautiful landscapes. Scotland is a tiny nation that has had an enormous cultural impact on the world. So don’t be surprised when it rains during your vacation. Generally, these wildlife encounters are special and perfectly safe, but it is worth noting that deer in particular can be unpredictable at times. Eating and drinking in Scotland Getting around Scotland: Transportation Tips How to get to Scotland Travel Tips Scotland for planning and on the go Best time to visit Scotland Essentials for any trip to Scotland: daily budgets, currency, family travel and much more practicalities for planning and on the ground. I so agree with not claiming to be Scottish – being Scottish is about so much more than ancestry!! Always about the next destination and how to make the most of the experience. Use our Scotland Travel Guide to plan your next Holiday in Scotland. There are some simple do’s and don’ts for visiting Scotland that everyone should keep in mind. Second pin image credit: Pixabay If you are camping or moving on to a different location, let a friend or family member know your route and tell them when you have arrived. Renting a car- There are ways of getting around Scotland without a car, but in my opinion, driving the small land roads are the best way to really see the country. Sometimes it can depend on the age and demographic of the tourists as well, some (not all) young folk can be roudy and forget their holiday destination is someone else’s home. Scotland In January: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips; Scotland In February: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips; Scotland In April: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips; Glasgow Airport To City Centre Transfer Options; 13 Drinks In Scotland That You Must Try Gallery. TOP TIP: Don’t expect a bartender to stand there offering you detailed whisky advice on a busy Saturday night. Don’t do this! View CNN's Scotland Travel Guide to explore the best things to do and places to stay, plus get insider tips, watch video and read inspiring narratives. Scotland Travel Guide The ultimate guide to the coolest things to do and see in Scotland. No backpacks, hostels or 5-star hotels! Therefore this stunning land is lush and vibrant all year-round. On a large coach bus, you will not be able to safely access the more remote and more beautiful places. It’s still a good idea to carry one in case of a light drizzle, but a waterproof jacket with a hood will more often serve you better. Most of the bigger railway stations now feature automatic ticket barriers. You can find excellent quality kilts and woollen items there at a fraction of the price! These shops are plentiful, especially on and around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. And large groups of people tend to entirely forget how to behave and act responsibly. Such a great tip, Jason! TripBucket Travel & Local. Scotland is a bonnie country for one main reason: It rains… a lot. Travel Tips for planning the perfect itinerary for your Scotland Tour in 2020. Scotland is a safe and welcoming nation with a famously warm level of hospitality, yet no matter where you travel there are a few things that visitors may find useful to ensure their trip runs extra smoothly. When the glens ring out with the sound of The Roaring, the red deer mating period in October, the stags can sometimes be aggressive and it is best to keep your distance. You’ll find polyester tartan, cheap plastic toys, and a whole plethora of clichés. Incidents involving tourists and visitors are rare, with thefts and pickpocketing being the likeliest, especially during busy times such as the Edinburgh festivals. HINT: keep a daily journal when you’re traveling. Thanks for reading . The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s very own Route 66. Saab 340s, Twin Otters and Islanders.. Loganair operates the majority of Scotland's internal flights. If you are camping, the smoke from a camp-fire will also deter them. TOP TIP: The Isle of Skye and NC500 are beautiful, but there are many alternative spots you could visit instead! Find out information on visiting Scotland, including details of tourist attractions, accommodation and travel from the official gateway to Scotland website. We have so many lochs that are beautiful, picturesque, pristine, breathtaking… find one of those and rest a while. This is especially true when the whisky is flowing and the ceilidh music playing. Another alternative to Skye and Loch Ness? You can explore Scotland’s stunning scenery and you’ll be regaled with wonderful stories from Scottish lore. BY DAVID ROSS, EDITOR. In many parts of Scotland, especially the rural communities, it is rare for people to even lock their door. In many places it can be dangerous to light fires at certain times of year, as the heather moorland can become tinder-dry. Many people come to Scotland in order to view the wildlife, from dolphins, sharks, whales and seals to deer, red squirrels, pine marten and even the rarest of them all — the Scottish wildcat. A holiday in Scotland is likely to be an unforgettable one. Where we grow up an spend most of our time makes us who we are. 6. If you rent a campervan (RV), do not dump your waste inappropriately! Hehe thank you so much for your comment, Michelle! The country has a lot to offer with spectacular landscapes, lakes, amazing seafood, castles, wildlife, and some of the friendliest people on earth. Africa. Triptipedia. Even though I got to visit my ancestor’s castle (Castle Tioram), I personally would never claim to be Scottish, haha. Nasty little midges enjoy having a nibble of sightseers! But do so politely so others can continue on their way. Scotland produces its own money, so if taking out money in Scotland, you will most likely receive Scottish notes. (function(d, sc, u) { . Don’t want to spend that much? Scotland is more than just the Loch Ness Monster and cheap tartan! This means properly using single-track lanes, understanding passing places, and respecting the environment. Four Seasons in a Day, Skye | © Petr Meissner. , I try to help my fellow foreigners learn about and fall in love with this vibrant country. Stop at Loch Rannoch, Loch Tummel, Loch Tay, or Loch Lubnaig; the options are endless! See more ideas about scotland travel, scotland, trip. Post questions and answers about travel in Scotland. Scotland Travel Guide It may occupy a small part of the world and have more sheep than people, but Scotland packs a whole lot of punch for travelers. If you do opt to rent a car, one of the most important Scotland travel tips is you. Places to visit Scotland. With loads of history, but also a budding contemporary art scene as well as some cool nightlife and great food, it’s the perfect place for a hipster holiday, or an outdoorsy adventure. Here, everyone can browse, save and share tips for better travel. If you keep your wits about you then you should have no problems. If you’re looking to have a fun time, good food and cool cocktails, the city’s best LGBTQ friendly bars, restaurants and clubs can be found in an area of central Edinburgh, known as the Pink Triangle. Search. Home > Destinations > Europe > ... Look out for our newsletters with travel tips and special offers. If you are planning a trip to Scotland in the next few months, please do keep up to date with the latest on foreign travel advice in relation to COVID-19 from your own government, which should outline any travel restrictions in place for affected countries, and please make sure you check with your travel and accommodation providers before travelling. Our Scotland Travel Guide includes… Places to stay, things to do and walks in Scotland. Featuring things to do in Scotland - sightseeing, history and culture, shopping, places to eat, travel tips & reviews from Australia's most experienced travel writers. Find a quiet spot, bring a picnic, and rest a while. £50 notes are slightly harder to use, especially in rural areas, or in contexts where people might not have enough change. Some areas, like the far northwest corner of Cape Wrath, are also used as military training ranges. They are particularly abundant on the west coast of Scotland, Thanks so much for the tip, Karen! EDITOR’S NOTE: As suggested by local readers, ensure to bring some sort of insect repellant with you when hiking around bodies of water, especially along the west coast of Scotland. Travel news story • Explore Scotland's new cycle tour takes in whisky, castles and famous poets Loch Ness is one of the most famous lochs (lakes) in Scotland. The country has two buzzing cities with Edinburgh and Glasgow. There are no Sunday papers on the island, as distributors do not work, and nearly all shops are closed. Bring your curiosity! If you do visit Skye or drive the NC500, try to visit in the off-season instead of contributing to the tourist overcrowding of peak season. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. For many travelers, Scotland is THE country of for road-trips in Europe. Thanks for adding that suggestion!! This is just part of being a good tourist in Scotland (and beyond)! Scotland Travel Guide. There are flights, accommodation each night, meals every day, attraction tickets, and travel between destinations. However, please don’t take a giant tour bus to the highlands and islands. Stop at Loch Rannoch, Loch Tummel, Loch Tay, or Loch Lubnaig; the options are endless! Let me inspire your itinerary with some of my favourite places around Scotland!. Plan time to explore more than just the major cities and touristy locations. Flags will be in place to warn of any exercises, and if you find any shells or ammunition, do not touch them. In Edinburgh, especially, the sidewalks (referred to as pavements here) can get quite busy during the summer festival season. With tons of historical sites to choose from, the main attraction is without a doubt Edinburg Castle which includes the Royal Palace in which Mary Queen of Scots, gave birth to James VI in 1566. Search Lonely Planet. Similarly, numbers of wild boar in Scotland have been increasing since they were accidentally reintroduced. Other Things to See and Do in Scotland 1. No discussion of travel tips would be complete without mentioning the unmentionable Scottish midge. Wander around Glasgow. One of the most essential Scotland travel tips is to pack layers, especially a top layer that’s also waterproof. Travel forums for Scotland. Whether you have been to Scotland many times, or are planning your first trip, I hope some of these travel tips will help you plan your journey! Every part of Scotland is … Also remember to leave space in your luggage for such a quality item. Tourists in Scotland can be easily identified by their improper wearing of a kilt, any shirt with a Scottish location emblazoned upon it, and – of course – the tacky tourist hats with built-in wild red hair. Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Alba) is a nation in north-western Europe, the second-largest of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom. Maybe you’ve always been an Invisible Tourist and not realised before, then this article isn’t aimed at you thanks for taking part in the discussion! If the platform is especially low, or only one door of the train is to be opened at a shortened platform, the guard will announce this with plenty of time to prepare. But Loch Ness is not necessarily the most beautiful loch here in Scotland. 5 SHORT BREAK IDEAS IN THE SCOTTISH LOWLANDS. Don't miss our beginner's guide to help you make the most of backpacking in the Scottish Highlands. If you need urgent, but non-emergency medical advice, you can call 111. Likewise, if you need to contact the police service but the matter is not urgent or an emergency, call 101. It certainly feels like such an American thing to do! Crammed with sky-high mountains, rugged coastlines, romantic lochs, cultured cities and a fiercely proud people, bonnie Scotland is an incredible destination. Nov 25, 2020 - Planning a trip to Scotland? Read on for more! Scotland. I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase and if you do, thanks for your support! If you are visiting one of the bigger cities, such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, it is wise to pay attention to your surroundings, behaving as you would in any city. Do stop and take photos and appreciate all of these fabulous views! Likewise, if you are swimming or surfing, always check on local conditions, such as whether there are any rip-tides present, and do not take chances near rough seas. I’ve added an editor’s note to help out fellow readers . Explore. Inside Scotland: Travel Tips - Before you visit Scotland, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travellers by travellers. So May and September have traditionally been the wise choices and are my Scotland travel tips for seeing Scotland at its best.

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