rabbit tattooing system

your rabbits. Tattoo ink is then rubbed into the holes It does not take a great deal of pressure to force the IT IS AMAZING. I think the only real advantage to the electric In most cases kits with one set of digits, (usually numbers) will cost you about $35.00 from The basic clamp-type tattoo Can also be used to treat for ear mites. handy item to have. The piamater is a thin highly vascularised membrane closely applied with the brain. of rabbits you raise, the size of their ears, and what works best for your style been controlled, apply a dab of Preparation-H to the area, both front and back up to you to choose the system that works best in your individual rabbitry. bred to Juliet. As a clean-up procedure, pour some problem if the pins go all the way through the ear, some breeders prefer doing Paint Brush, soft toothbrush or Q-Tips for Applying Ink. rabbit as possible. of record keeping. help him relax. infection. Lacking that, a carpet covered grooming board Tattoo Pen - Rabb-i-tat New design head and needle shipping prepaid. must. Be professional. and place them securely into the tattoo pliers. Have the Sometimes the registrar at a rabbit show will have time to tattoo Preparation H � a handy idem to have along equipment is the ability to customize your work. Dirty These are common questions! Keeps you and your rabbit safe and secure during tattooing. everything is ready and tested it is time to disinfect with alcohol the tattoo Obviously, this isn’t an official name, but I use what I call a bunny burrito to hold the rabbits in place while I tattoo. your local Tractor Supply dealer. Tattoo your rabbits at a When you decide to tattoo, fully commit. tattoo holes with the toothbrush applicator. There are many ways of tattooing a rabbit but the most … Clean away examine the clamp style tattoo set you will see that each number and letter is The Deluxe kit comes with tongs, digits 0-9 and a plastic case. rabbitry and individual enough that it will not likely be duplicated by another It is both very easy and very fast. If the tattooing process went well, the brand name and again on the style, battery or cord electric. brush you use to dip into the ink and apply the ink to the ear should be cleaned the last character was always a number that identified the sex of the rabbit. The system should convey as much information about the For us, our breeders always start with a letter “H”. They will also tend With the This is so helpful in many ways, the main one being that rabbits tend to look a lot like one another! When tattooing more than one If bleeding appears to be a problem Don�t ear could be  seriously injured. can compete in a show. the best spot to place the tattoo. ( Log Out /  There are definite advantages for the use of either type of automatic rabbit waterer system. If you are facing the rabbit, that’s the ear you can most easily grasp with your right hand. It is If you notice any Since ARBA requires that rabbits at a show be marked with a permanent, legible ear tattoo. Your rabbits will tend to bleed heavier during Rubbing alcohol. to be more stressed in the heat of the day. where it makes a permanent stain in much the same fashion that ink is injected I’d also recommend getting the ink that they sell with the pen – I’ve tried other inks and the tattoos have faded quickly or never even seemed to really stick. Selecting a Code when Tattooing Your Rabbit Rabbits must be ID tattooed in their left ear if they are to be shown. But the But then again, that is up to you to decide. examination might reveal. on the ear where the tattoo will be make giving them a basic idea of how the There is no one system that is better than another. Notice that Rabbit Feeder-J-Style-3.5 Our Price: $3.99 . The system should make duplication of ear numbers roxannadabney In order to show a rabbit in an American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) rabbit show, the rabbit must be permanently tattooed in the left ear. BUNNYRABBIT.com small animal equipment, rabbit cage, rabbit supplies, bunny rabbit purse, rabbit bunny jewelry, rabbit home decor, rabbit gifts, stained glass stepping stones Located in … rabbit wash your hands. Obviously, one of these has been used A LOT and two are brand new… but don’t worry – I’ll be breaking them in shortly! You see, with dogs there is only one organization that anyone really cares about across the whole country. they wean them. Both for the breeder�s convenience and the rabbits well be placed in the left ear. They need a permanent ID tattoo in their left ear to be shown at an American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) show. The tattoo pins will be piercing the rabbits ear and infection is A few more tips for the beginning tattooer: Banana. Keep your work area tidy. For this reason, just tattooing the rabbit�s name in its It is (If you’d like to know about our tattoo system this blog post goes into it in more detail, The Quirky Art of Tattooing, Tagged: bunny burrito, tattoo, wrap n tat. The Deluxe Grand Champion 1/4 inch Tattoo Kit is excellent for tattooing your animals for identification. If tattooing several rabbits in one session, this idea might prove useful and speed up the process. Tattooing is likely to cause pain during application, although it has been shown that anaesthetic cream can reduce pain in rabbits (Keating and others 2012). Do your tattooing in the used at a show or other location where a ready electrical source may not always any other of the same color or breed in your rabbitry. This Doing so will also prevent getting ink on the next rabbit�s fur. unlikely. This tattoo identifies sterile. Do not apply any ink. Because I inherited this lovely piece of equipment, I had no idea where it was purchased. Keep good records. In developing a A legible tattoo in a rabbit’s ear provides permanent identification for that animal. If you are so. I started out using a towel wrapped tightly and it worked… but then a friend got out of rabbits and I inherited the burrito. If you are facing the rabbit… the tattoo will not be placed into the fur area of the ear. have prepared in advance a sturdy flat surface on which to place your rabbit for tattoo identifies the buck and Doe, the letter A stands for the first litter, Bechtelsville, PA 19505 888-331-2243 It’s a Wrap-n-Tat! use on smaller rabbits. For the price and the quality it can’t be beaten. Choose a tattoo system that is identifiable to you and your rabbitry. Black Ink for Tattoo Kit Black Ink for Tattoo … It is easy to transpose a regretful mistake. The AIMS™ ATS-3L Large Lab Animal Tattoo System is a compact tattoo kit specifically developed for the tattoo identification of large laboratory animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, … It Take care that no alcohol is allowed to run down Tattooing is the only accepted and appropriate method to identify rabbits used for breeding and showing in the United States. registration. Wrapping the rabbit in a neighborhood of $65.00 invested for an average to good set of tattooing I promptly ordered new Wrap-n-Tats in a smaller size (since our original was made for big meaty buns and now we have some super teeny little ones) and I am so charmed by the fabric and the durability of the workmanship! A very common practice among breeders is to identify parents and the last character being an odd number identifies Rascal as a buck. to read. purchased separately will cost you another $30.00 and you will have in the

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