plastic tub for washing clothes

Thus, as shown in the drawings, the wall 10 and ribs 21 define segments which alternatively recessed. 1 is a diagrammatic rear view of a wash tub for a clothes washing machine according to the invention; and. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of the powder mixture into the tub per 1 load of laundry. Thousands of images added daily. Other plastic wash tubs having thick walls are known which, however, do not satisfactorily overcome the technical problems arising when replacing metal with plastics. In order to reduce the difficulties and costs for manufacturing and servicing of metal tubs, several solutions have been provided for tubs made of plastics material. Improvements in or relating to Domestic Washing Machines. 162400 relates to a wash tub made of thermoplastic material and consisting of two half-shells which are fitted to each other by means of bolted flanges. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Furthermore, the bottom side of the rear wall 10 is provided with apertures 25, 26 for inserting thermostatic switches capable of sensing the temperature of the washing liquid, and is also provided with a box-like housing 28 which is divided into two compartments forming relevant air-traps for corresponding pressure-switches (not shown) capable of monitoring the liquid level in the wash tub. A wash tub as claimed in claim 1, further comprising an outwardly extending annular flange integral with the front end of said cylindrical member, and said front defining a front loading aperture. The inner tub has an integral central agitator and outer scrubbing ribs and is adapted for a driving connection with an oscillation or spinning mechanism. Finally, Italian Utility Model No. Plastics laundry tube housing rotating washing drum, Drive for spin washer: agitator shaft bearings are motor rotor bearings, A method of manufacture in plastic tubs for macchinelavabiancheria and tub so 'obtained. In this video I demonstrate how I wash my clothes while traveling. 1585866 describes a washing machine having a tub which is made of plastics material but provided with a metal stiffening band to which all the support elements are connected. This feature enables the whole structure of the tub to gradually and evenly exchange heat, preventing in this way any deformation due to thermal changes during the different washing cycles. 1362919 relates to an enbloc tub made of plastics material and including all the auxiliary members (bearings, connectors, etc). offers 755 washing machine plastic tub products. In another embodiment, the box-like housings may be replaced, with the same location on the rear portion 9, by at least one bracket 19 integral with the band 7 and to which added ballast masses can be fixed. As is known, a clothes washing machine of this type is provided with a wash tub which can contain a rotatable drum and the liquids which are required for the washing operations. The cylindrical portion 8 is provided with a front edge 14 projecting radially outwardly and capable of co-operating with a flange (not shown) which carries, in a way known per se, ballast masses, portion 8 defining also a front aperture for loading the clothes washing machine. 23 resilient mountings, for the rotary receptacle, motor, tub or casing; Preventing or damping vibrations, Tubs made by a specially selected manufacturing process or characterised by their assembly from elements assembled from at least two elements connected to each other; Connecting or sealing means therefor, Tubs provided with reinforcing structures, e.g. 95 Around the pins 29, the tub is provided with integral radial stiffening tongues or members 23 that, like the transverse tongues 16 of the annular rib 15, serve the function of distributing stresses onto surfaces of the tub (in the example given, those of the rear wall 10) which are as large as possible. The bottom side of the rear portion 9 is integral with a flange 20 including seats for locking and supporting the electric motor of the machine. SAMMART 7.7L (2 Gallon) Collapsible Tub - Foldable Dish Tub - Portable Washing Basin - Space Saving Plastic Washtub (Grey, S) 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,399 $13.35 $ 13 . No. 1, partially sectioned along the line II--II. The rear portion includes in one piece box-like housings, or at least a bracket, capable of being filled with counterweight material or fixed to added ballast masses, respectively. This object is attained, according to the invention, in a wash tub of plastics material, for a front loading clothes washing machine of domestic type, made in a single body including a rear wall which embodies a hub wherein bearings are located for a shaft capable of supporting the wash drum, the body including also a cylindrical band which carries ballast masses and is provided with inlet and discharge apertures for the washing liquid, as well as with flanges for fixing thereto the drive members of the drum and the suspension members for the drum and tub assembly. A wash tub as claimed in claim 1, further comprising box-like housings integral with and extending outwardly from the top of said rear cylindrical portion, said housing being in communication through passage holes, and said housings being capable of being filled with a counterweight material. Don't want to wash your child's muddy baseball uniform with your good sheets? In this way, the annular rib 15 and the relevant transverse stiffening tongues 16 can withstand all the dynamic stresses which are produced by the rotation of the drum and therefore make it possible to obtain a simpler construction of the tub, which further may be made with thinner walls. Moreover, French Pat. Its design gives Light Weight( 550gm) and High impact Strength. The pulses are injected into the wash tub in timed intervals through powerful jets on the side or bottom of the washing machine. Prevent rips in plastic curtains by washing along with socks. The drum is loose and wiggly. Its 260-watts of washing power can handle up to 12-pounds of clothes. The rear wall 10 of the wash tub has a configuration including generally radial ribs 21 which are so arranged and shaped as to form a type of circular fret pattern around the perimeter of the wall 10. It can be hard to know which washing machine is right for your home and lifestyle. Washing machine with improved plastic tub. Furthermore, the rear wall of the tub is provided with radial ribs which are shaped so as to stand the dynamic and thermal stresses occurring during the washing operations. No. Wash plastic and cloth curtains on gentle in warm water. 84 List Price $45.23 $ 45 . Tumblr! A wash tub as claimed in claim 1, further comprising a plurality of metal pins projecting outwardly from said rear wall, outer ends of said pins being threaded for cooperation with locking devices for fixing said wash tub to a casing of the machine, and said rear wall including integral stiffening members extending generally radially from each said metal pin. A wide variety of plastic wash tub with drain options are available to you, such as cover, material, and plastic type. Find great deals on eBay for plastic wash tub and large plastic wash basin. For example, French Pat. Power's out on laundry day? Hand-washing means you’ll really only wash those clothes if you absolutely have to, not just because you wore them once. In the area of the region where the band changes in diameter, an annual rib 15 is provided having transverse stiffening tongues 16 and seats 17 for locking thereto the suspension and support members of the drum and tub assembly. A wash tub for use with a domestic clothes washing machine of the front loading type, said wash tub comprising a single and integral body formed of plastic material, said body comprising: a cylindrical member including a front cylindrical portion and a rear cylindrical portion having a diameter smaller than that of said front cylindrical portion, said cylindrical member including means for supporting ballast masses and means for supporting a drive member for a wash drum of a clothes washing machine, and said cylindrical member having therein inlet and discharge apertures for a washing liquid; a rear wall integral with said rear cylindrical portion and closing a rear end of said cylindrical member, said rear wall including an integral hub for housing bearings for supporting a shaft of the wash drum; and. I looked under the rubber seal and pulled out a lot of shredded plastic and the entire plastic strip. While the 140-watt spinning tub can handle 8-pounds simultaneously. PATENTED CASE. Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.V. Qingdao Haier Drum Washing Machine Co., Ltd. Бсх Бош Унд Сименс Хаусгерете ГмбÑ, INDUSTRIE ZANUSSI S.P.A., PORDENONE, ITALY, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST. Air-dry plastic curtains; follow care labels for cloth ones. The rear portion 9 is adjacent to the rear wall 10 and is provided at the top with outer box-like housings 18 communicating with each other through passage holes 30 and capable of being filled with a counterweight material, e.g. Or maybe you have clothes that are hand wash only as they are too delicate for the washing machine. 2. Plastic tub washing machines may have benefits but if you leave objects in your pockets before you wash them this is what will happen and then your washing machine will leak all over the garage or laundry room. Need to wash your horse's splint boots? How to Wash Clothes by Hand. offers 406 plastic laundry tubs products. 7231098) disclose tubs wherein only a few members, those which undergo less mechanical and/or thermal stresses, are made of plastics material. A wash tub as claimed in claim 1, further comprising at least one bracket integral with and extending outwardly from said rear cylindrical portion and capable of supporting an added ballast mass. Now they can no longer rust, but there is a big disadvantage. SAMMART 9.45L (2.5 Gallon) Collapsible Tub - Foldable Dish Tub - Portable Washing Basin - Spac… A wide variety of washing machine plastic tub options are available to you, such as project … 2 is a diagrammatic side view of the tub of FIG. ribs, inserts, braces, Counterweights mounted to the tub; Mountings therefor, Tubs specially adapted for mounting thereto components or devices not provided for in preceding subgroups, Tubs specially adapted for mounting thereto components or devices not provided for in preceding subgroups for the bearing of the rotary receptacle. Plastic Tub Offering you a complete choice of products which include yellow plastic cloth washing tub, plastic wash tub, plastic cloth washing tub, plastic bathroom deep tub and plastic tub. With reference to the drawings, the wash tub according to the invention consists of a substantially cylindrical, single body preferably made by injection moulding of a proper thermoplastic material and comprising a cylindrical band or member 7, which in turn includes two portions 8 and 9 of different diameter, as well as a rear wall 10 which is integral with band 7. In the same region of the tub an integral housing 27 for the heating elements of the washing liquid is also provided, which housing radially projects outwards from the band. Easy Shopping 45 Liter Heavy Duty Large Flexi Tub Garden Home Flexible Colour Plastic Storage Container Bucket Flex Tub- MADE IN U.K. (Purple) 4.7 out of 5 stars 97 £7.95 £ 7 . Owner name: MIJHA Apple Tub Size: Mouth Diameter - 41 CM & Height - 30 CM Material - 100% Virgin PPCP makes it Durable, Long Lasting , Strong and Ultravoilet Resistent Package Contains - 1 nos Tub. Forget about hand washing your clothes or visiting the laundromat, the Giantex 16lbs Portable Washing Machine offers you the convenience of washing clothes in a small bathroom or the kitchen. said cylindrical member having extending outwardly therefrom, at an area of juncture between said front and rear cylindrical portions, an integral annular rib having integral transversely extending stiffening elements and including seats for locking attachment to suspension members to be used for suspending an assembly of said wash tub and the wash drum. SAMMART Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket - Foldable Pop Up Storage Container/Organizer - Portable Washing Tub - Space Saving Hamper/Basket (Rectangular, Sky … Washing machine outer drums used to be made of metal, almost all washing machine manufacturers have long since changed over to cheaper plastic. Portable Mini Washing Machine,CAMTOA Folding Turbo Washer Lightweight Travel Ultrasonic Turbi… W. German Pat. The tub is characterized in that the cylindrical band has at least one front and one rear portion of different diameter, that of minor diameter being adjacent to the rear wall, the outer surface of the band being provided, in the area of the region where the band changes in diameter, with an annular rib including transverse stiffening elements and seats for locking suspension members. About 1% of these are Bathroom Sinks. Luxury plastic bathtub 5pcs baby bath tub set Product name Luxury plastic bathtub 5pcs baby bath tub set ITEM NO HX0020408 Description BABY TUB WITH BACKREST Size/Capacity 88*51*24(CM) Material PP Packing 1PC/, 12 PCS/CTN 89*52*42CM,0.194CBM/CTN Color PURPLE,GREEN,YELLOW MOQ 3000PCS for LCL; 30Cartoons,mix item for FCL 20GP 1728 PCS 40GP 3456 PCS 40HQ 4080 … Maytag Washing Machine Plastic Tub Repair Don't leave stuff in your pockets before you wash your clothes! Find laundry tubs plastic ads in our Home & Garden category. Instead of a plastic agitator or a spinning tub, pulsator washers use a pulse of water to help circulate the clothes inside the washing machine. A wash tub as claimed in claim 1, further comprising a plurality of generally radially extending ribs integral with said rear wall and defining therewith a plurality of circumferentially spaced segments, circumferentially alternate of said segments being recessed inwardly. In the area of the region where the band changes in diameter, an annular stiffening rib is provided having seats for locking the suspension members of the tub. About 0% of these are Basins, 0% are Tubs, and 0% are Other Baby Supplies & Products. No. Adjacent to its perimeter, the rear wall 10 of the tub has therein a plurality of outwardly projecting metal pins 29 the projecting ends of which are threaded and capable of co-operating with locking means for fixing the tub to the casing of the machine, during transportation thereof, in order to keep the tub steady. concrete. The main advantages of the wash tub according to the invention may be summarized as follows: reduction of operations required for assembling the various components onto the tub; improved strength of the tub against thermal and mechanical stresses. 1555746 and W. German Utility Model No. It's your resident domestic goddess Macy here to teach you how to wash your clothes in the tub. The invention will be further described by way of non-limiting example, with reference to the accompanying drawings in which: FIG. The present invention relates to a wash tub of plastics material capable of being used in a front loading clothes washing machine of domestic type. And each has … A plastic tub assembly for a clothes washer includes a rotatable plastic inner tub nested inside a nonrotatable plastic outer tub. 35 This projection enables a heating resistance (not shown), due also to the fact that the front portion 8 of the cylindrical band 7 has a larger diameter, to be located in a well defined area and completely submerged even with a minimum water level in the tub. 00 JapanBargain Plastic Sushi Boat Serving Tray 4.4 out of 5 stars 259 © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, Price and other details may vary based on size and color, FOSJGO Dish Basin Collapsible with Drain Plug Carry Handles for 9 L Capacity, Collapsible Sink Tub, Dish Wash Basin, Portable Dish Tub, Foldable Dishpan for Camping Dish Washing Tub and RV Sink, Amazer Scrub Brush Comfort Grip & Flexible Stiff Bristles Heavy Duty for Bathroom Shower Sink Carpet Floor - Pack of 2 (Blue+Green), Washboard Washing Clothes Hand Wash Board - Bucket, Basin for Laundry, Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Bucket, 15.6-Quart, Clear (FG2970ARWHT),White, Medline Rectangular Plastic Wash Basins, Graphite, Joseph Joseph 85055 Wash & Drain Wash Basin Dishpan with Draining Plug Carry Handles 12.4-in x 12.2-in x 7.5-in, White, The Laundress - Wash Tub Basin, Removable Plug to Drain Water, Handwashing, Presoaking & Dish Washing, EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Clothes Washing Wand, Blue, Pomatree Window Cleaning Rubber Squeegee and Microfiber Scrubber | 2-in-1 Window Washing Cleaning Tools Combo | Window Cleaner Attachment Tool for Extension Pole | For Commercial Business and Home Use, Danco 10086 VersaSpray, 1 Pack, Garden Tub Sprayer, Aquaphor Healing Ointment - Moisturizing Skin Protectant for Dry Cracked Hands, Heels and Elbows, Use After Hand Washing - 14 Oz Jar, Jekiyo 16 Qt Purple Wash Basin, Large Plastic Tubs, 2-Pack, Inomata Japanese Plastic Basin Tub Leaf Series White, Ramddy Washing Basin / Wash Tub Plastic, 18 Quart, Purple, Wakeman Outdoors Collapsible Multiuse Wash Bin- Portable Wash Basin/Dish Tub/Ice Bucket with 10 L Capacity for Camping, Tailgating, More. He said if you put the plastic cup in with the detergent in a front loader washing machine and you select a cycle with a pre wash option, it will wash with the detergent for the first few minutes. However, this tub is of the top loading type, which undergoes reduced dynamic stresses as the relevant drum is supported on both sides. 1. The front portion 8 has a diameter which is larger than that of the rear portion 9 and is provided with three circular apertures 11, 12, 13 which can respectively be connected to an inlet conduit and a discharge conduit for the washing liquid, as well as to a recirculating conduit which is provided for recovering the detergents that are collected at the bottom of the tub. TBOP Home Household Thickening Small Washing Clothes Anti-Skid Laundry tub Washboard Size 44 * 22 * 16.3cm in Light Blue Color (Color May Vary) 3.3 out of 5 stars 5 ₹ 1,408.00 ₹ 1,408 . FIG. Coins Nail Screws and other bits (which are extremely common obstructions inside washers) can now easily damage or destroy the outer tub. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to clothes washers — front-loaders vs. top-loaders, stainless steel vs. plastic interiors, energy-efficient products, even designer washers in a variety of colors. Plastic tub for a household washing machine, Structure of driving unit in drum type washing machine, Drum type washing machine having a driving unit, Plastic washing fluid container for a washing machine, Drum washing machine and bearing housing structure thereof, Drum type washing machine and washing method thereof, Drive unit structure in a drum type washing machine, Drum assembly in washing machine and method for fabricating the same, Drum type washing machine and method for fabricating drum therefor, Electrically heatable household appliance, Washing machine tank equipped with external reinforcing cover on lower wall, Inner tub structure for automatic washing machine, Water supply apparatus and washing machine having the same, Ball balancer and laundry apparatus having the same, Washing machine tub with inserted bearing housing.

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