how to care for wave petunia hanging baskets

Susan Lundman began writing about her love of gardening and landscape design after working for 20 years at a nonprofit agency. Move the basket to an area that receives at least six hours of sunlight, if applicable. It's normal for cascading or trailing varieties to develop long stems, as these petunias … Sunlight. Petunia baskets need full sun, with direct sunlight six to eight hours daily to bloom … 7. One of the largest problems with hanging … Feed Them. Do not reuse soil from year to year. To determine whether petunias need water, insert your finger 1 inch into the soil of the hanging basket. Grandiflora Petunia. North Dakota State University Extension Service: Questions on Petunia, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: Petunia—Petunia x Hybrida, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: Foliage-Feeding Caterpillars, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: Spider Mites, Diseases and Insects That May Affect Wave Trailing Petunias, How to Save Petunias After Over Fertilizing. Use a liquid fertilizer meant for flowering plants, and apply it every two weeks. Remove the leaves or stems that are damaged. Plant them in full sun in moist, well … The petunias were not only root bound but the soil used for the hanging basket had turned into a rock. Diseases such as crown rot and mold are likely to be incurable; if this appears to be the problem, you may need to throw out the petunias. Although petunias in the ground can thrive with a deep soaking every few weeks, your hanging basket needs more regular watering a few times a week and daily if you have a heat wave. The lady at the store was correct. Easy-to-grow plants, petunias (Petunia group) will reward you with a profuse display of flowers if you meet their basic needs and pinch them for multiple blooms. Depending on the variety of spreading petunia and hanging basket size you’ll want to plant anywhere from 1 to 3 plants for your hanging basket. Do not overfertilize a Wave petunia. These plants want to grow and thrive, and seem to increase on a daily basis. Hanging Baskets Care. Wave plants are vigorous and hungry. Petunia Care - While you can grow petunias from seed, we recommend transplants from the garden center as the best way to start. Dig up petunias in the fall before the first frost. View Suggestions. Easy-care petunias can't get enough of the sun. Think about to how often you fertilized the plant and how much you applied, and compare your recollections to the fertilizer label. She has written about plants, garden design and gardening tips online professionally for ten years on numerous websites. Just a few plants will go a long way! SKU: N/A Categories: Annual Flowers, Hanging Baskets, Plants Tags: basket, easy wave, hanging, Petunia, Wave. We recommend 3 Wave plants in a 10-12 inch (25-30cm) container. They are good for containers and hanging baskets and will do fine planted directly in the ground. Also, clean up the area under the plant where insects, moisture and disease can brew. Cutting back petunia plants is not hard. How to Save a Wave Petunia in a Hanging Basket That Is Getting Dead Leaves Things You Will Need. Use clean scissors or hand clippers, or simply pinch them back with your fingers. Don’t over-pack your container with plants. Wave Petunia Hanging Basket 10" quantity. Petunias grow as perennials in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11 and as annuals elsewhere. Cover the seed tray with a clear plastic dome or a piece of plastic wrap. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Water deeply until you see water running out of the pots. Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Petunia seeds need light to germinate, so don’t bury them in the soil. Doing regular pruning will help you avoid pruning off all your stems at once, making them look … Discard the leaves in the trash rather than composting them. Examine the plants thoroughly for pests before you … Plant petunia flowers in pots, hanging baskets or beds for vibrant summer color. If you see small, green aphids clinging in a mass on the plant stems, hose them off with a strong spray of water or wipe them off with a soft cloth, being careful not to damage the stem. Petunias in hanging baskets aren’t too different from petunias grown in the ground, but there are still some things that you need to be on top of when caring for them. Providing petunias with extra fertilizer can cause brown leaves, so apply no more than the rate listed on the label, which varies among products. In general, Wave petunias do best with an all-purpose liquid flower fertilizer every two weeks. Can Creeping Phlox Be Planted in Containers? Growing Wave petunias in hanging baskets. Insect damage is often first noticed when the leaves start to brown and yellow, and immediate action is necessary. A petunia will perform at its best with regular feeding. Properly watering and fertilizing also helps control insects, as does removing debris from under the plant. Water a Wave petunia only when the soil feels dry to the touch. Keep the hanging basket watered but don’t overwater… This can happen very easily and is just as easy to fix. Start with new, high-quality potting soil when planting Wave petunias and other plants. Warning. Try to hang the petunias … Melissa Lewis is a former elementary classroom teacher and media specialist. Fertilizer is key. Here's some guidelines to creating the best environment for Wave in baskets and containers. These 10″ baskets over flow with color from the petunias of the Easy Wave Series. Planting Wave in Hanging Baskets. Diseases such as crown rot and mold are likely to be incurable… It dangles up to 2 feet and grows as a perennial in USDA zones 9 through 11. In general, water the plant thoroughly every one to two days. Many petunia varieties need regular grooming to look their best for an entire … If the plants are in your garden, discard them immediately before the disease spreads to other plants. Grooming and Care for Wave. If they start to wilt or look droopy, they probably need water. Start With Good Petunia Varieties. They are generally easy to care for, and in a climate with short winters, they thrive and bloom from most of the year, dying back once the first frost hits. You will probably need to water the hanging baskets every day. With their spicy fragrance and bright colors, petunias are a classic that deserve a place in any summer garden, porch or deck. What Causes Brown Spots on the Leaves of Prayer Plants? If you are placing in pots, containers or hanging baskets, use a lightweight, high quality potting mix. How you prune petunias varies a bit depending upon the variety; for instance, a spreading or wave petunia is supposed to develop long, cascading stems, requiring little pruning or maintenance. These petunias grow 8 to 12 inches … When preparing petunias in hanging baskets, the spacing is the same (1”), but the conditions are more important as is the watering care. Do not reuse soil from year to year. But if the leaves are dying off before this, don't just toss the plant out. Add to cart. These … How to Keep Petunias Beautiful in a Hanging Basket. Also, clean hanging baskets with a 10 percent bleach-and-water solution to kill any live diseases before reusing them. Treat … Feel the soil to see whether it is soggy or dry. The New Sunset Western Garden Book; Kathleen Norris Brenzel. Caring for Wave petunias is a simple task and won’t take much time at all. It’s ... Water a Little Less Often. Truth be told, I am horrible at creating hanging baskets so I am very pleased with how this petunia … Grandifloras are one of the oldest varieties. Choose a cascading or spreading form of the hybrid for the greatest effect in a hanging basket. Feeding and watering are both critical when it comes to caring for petunias in a hanging basket. Identify why the leaves are dying so that you can make any necessary changes to the care of your Wave petunia. Feeding and Watering. Plant Petunia … Examine the dead leaves and the plant -- including the undersides of the leaves -- for signs of bugs, such as aphids, leaf miners or caterpillars. Missouri Botanical Garden: Petunia (group), University of Minnesota Extension: Growing Petunias, Missouri Botanical Garden: Calibrachoa 'Sunbelkist' MILLION BELLS TERRA COTTA. How to Prune Wave Petunias. Remove the dead leaves, cutting them back to a healthy section of the plant. Whenever your … Your petunia may simply not be getting enough sunlight. White wave petunias in hanging baskets. You need to clip a few stems every week. Also, look for mold, identifiable as black spots on leaves and stems, and examine the main stem to see whether it soft. Hanging baskets containing annuals such as petunias will need more water than … If planting directly into the … Part of the series: Gardening & Pruning Tips. To avoid this situation when I pot up my own hanging baskets … Spreading petunias grow great in hanging baskets! The main thing you want to do, as with any plant in my opinion, is to get a variety that suits your needs. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Spray the leaves with an insecticidal soap to kill smaller insects, such as spider mites. Petunias … Milliflora petunias are 1 to 1.5 inches. Their spreading vines will draper over the side of your basket, creating a stunning look. I started Petunia Wave Carmine Velour from seed back in March and its proved to be one of most successful plants to date. Overwatering can lead to root rot or mold, identified by wilted leaves even after watering; cut back on watering to see if the condition improves, but don't let the soil dry out completely between watering. I used them in hanging baskets and in containers ranging from 8″-20″ deep and they are exceeding my expectations. The exception to this would be shade loving baskets … First and foremost, be sure to plant your wave petunias in soil that drains well. Be careful to put the petunia in a well-drained pot, as too much water will leave the soil wet and turn your plant yellow. Lundman belongs to numerous gardening groups, tends her home garden on 2/3 acre and volunteers with professional horticulturists at a 180 acre public garden where she lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. What Outdoor Hanging Flowering Plants Can Handle Full Sun and Heat? She has also written for various online publications. Prune 1 stem weekly on a small petunia plant, or prune 8 to 12 stems in a large hanging basket. Are Wave petunias good for hanging baskets? Instructions for starting Petunia seed are found at the end of this section. Groom for Growth. Start early, even if this means you must trim off stems that have attractive flowers on them. Multiflora petunias have flower heads that are roughly 2 inches. Planting petunia flowers is an easy way to incorporate explosions of color into your landscape, either in garden beds, or cascading from hanging baskets and window boxes. Petunia baskets need full sun, with direct sunlight six to eight hours daily to bloom at their peak. Tip. Using your fingers, pinch off the very tips of each non-flowering stem when you bring your plant home to encourage busy growth, and remove spent flowers, called deadheading, after each bloom begins drooping. Container and hanging basket plants dry out more quickly than garden plants, but how quickly varies depending on light, wind and air temperature. So plan your growing application accordingly. Successful Wave Baskets. Flowering consumes a lot of nutrition, which means the wave petunia, just like most annual plants, needs regular fertilizing. Wave … You may be over- or underwatering your plant, causing the leaves to die back. Grown in our own greenhouse. Water and Light. In addition to hybrid spreading petunias, the trailing, million bells petunia (Calibrachoa 'Sunbelkist' Million Bells Terra Cotta) works well in a hanging basket. Petunias are fairly pest and disease free. Wave petunias are a spreading variety with flower heads a little larger than multifloras of 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter.

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