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Keg Washing/filling Head. Spruce Mobile Keg Cleaning has officially been designated an essential business. Service-Hotline 24/7: +49-173 281 2031 Service-Whatsapp: +49-163 13 66 831 info@mfKEGtechnik.de. Home ; About us ; Products . We provide a wide range of markings for complex logistics systems. m+f KEG-Technik GmbH is a Keg cleaning and filling specialist, producer of KEG-plants & other equipments. And there will always be a need to find the right partner, with the best and most reliable container solutions for every eventuality. Keg Products; Keg Services; Keg Leasing; Our Clients; What’s on Tap; Contact Us; 1.844.464.KEGS. $285 a month for a three-phase keg washer; $325 a month for the single-phase keg washer The machine operates on either 120v or 220v Ac compressed air and CO2. Fill the keg with the alkali wash. Pour the wash into both the plastic bucket and the keg itself. Ida of Ida's Cleaning Service STANDARD PRODUCT FEATURES: Two Head. CIP Functionality: CIP Screen allows keg washer to be used as CIP cart. These highly trained servants cleans up to 40 kegs an hour automatically, thoroughly and very efficiently. Easy to use and fully programmable operator interface for optimum cleaning flexibility and efficiency. Hauptdichtung für Keg - Verschluss (Korb-Fitting) (Micro Matic und Hiwi) Kugelsicherung für Keg - Verschluss (Hiwi und Micro Matic) Rückschlagkugel für Keg - Verschluss (Hiwi und Micro Matic) Stift für Zapfkopfgriff für Keg - Verschluss (Hiwi und Micro Matic) ERGO Handgriff schwarz, mit Logo, für Keg - Verschluss (Hiwi und Micro Matic) Keg repair – Some of the services a keg reconditioning service provide for used kegs include valve refurbishment, chimb straightening, neck straightening and pulling into position, surface reconditioning, weld repair or reinforcement, chime repair or replacement, valve reconditioning, de-denting of pressure vessel, pressure-testing, caustic high-pressure inside and outside wash, pickling and passivation, … Your branding consistent across all channels. Here are the steps to use the keg washer: Turn on the keg washer, and wait for the detergent water to come up to XX° C temperature. After over a year of use the washer still works very well. Fill the keg as high as possible to ensure that the entire interior is cleaned, and make sure that the lid, gasket, and valves are completely submerged. Dial (619) 980-6144 for any Commercial & Home Draft Beer System needs. Cleaning is still essential for good tasting beer. Keg Washing Products from Chinese suppliers. ABS Commercial is a full-service brewery and parts outfitter. Kegs are cleaned at a rate of one per head each 2 minutes 45 seconds. Tell us your requirements. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish Our two head keg washers is designed to wash two kegs of any size per cycle up to 30- 40 kegs per hour. Keg Tappping Equipment, Gas Equipment, Tower & … About See All. Keg Washing Machine Products from Chinese suppliers. With years of industry experience and education in brewing technology, you can rely on our expertise to provide a sanitary-grade cleanliness in a timely manner. Our commercial grade cleaning kegs feature a removable lid (like a Cornelius keg), which allows you to easily fill with cleaning, sanitizing solution, or other liquid.. Not only does our solution clean better than the usual solution used in the beer line cleaning process, but it ensures your customers will never be drinking any toxic residue with their beer. The out-ports on the cleaning kegs can be used with any type of coupler spear, sanke D, M, G, A, U, S, Etc. Keg washing process is carried in manual mode. There are few buttons on the control panel, with the help of which the operator controls keg washing process and the temperature of washing liquid. 2 Head and 3 Head Semi Automatic Keg Washers. Keg Services Keeping your keg in shape! We recommend flushing your draft lines with a good rinse every time you change your keg. The independently adjustable cleaning heads allow you to clean different sized kegs simultaneously. About Us. Modify the rinse and purge set points from the Auto-Cycle Settings menu screen. Our Manual Keg Washers are fully portable and our compact design allows for easy maneuvering. From standard characters to full logo design, embossing your logo will outstand your keg from the rest. Control and manage your fleet with an easy-to-use, efficient and cost effective system. 13 people follow this. Adjust the rinse and purge set points.Switch to manual mode if you need more fine control. 07D03-100. Kegs are cleaned at a rate of one per head each 2 minutes 45 seconds. I will use them every time now. Ideal for easy identification, this option provide your fleet with a unified color scheme. For external cleaning of returnable KEGs. Most keg washers are semi-automatic, but both manual and fully automatic keg washers are common. Kegco Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Keg Beer Cleaning Kit with 32 Ounce National Chemicals Beer Line Cleaner,Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 498 $49.99 $ 49 . Have your kegs and lines safely cleaned and disinfected … Most keg washers are semi-automatic, but both manual and fully automatic keg washers are common. Our experts have a wealth of experience in helping breweries re-purpose used keg fleets with our customizable re-branding services, which can be tailored to your specific needs, to repair, refurbish and fully re-brand your used keg fleet. I will use them every time now. DIN standard beverage kegs, featuring Ø 363 mm, Slim beverage kegs, featuring smaller diameters (usually Ø 229, 237 and 278mm), EURO standard beverage kegs, featuring Ø 395mm, Quiet performance. Forgot account? The single tank is versatile and can be used for acid, caustic, and sanitizer washes. The only difference is the total … Our two head keg washers is designed to wash two kegs of any size per cycle up to 30- 40 kegs per hour. 1 HP CPE Systems Stainless Steel Wash-Down Pump, CO2 Keg Pressurization to User Determined Set Point, Brewer-Friendly Interchangeable Tri-Clamp Valves and Fittings, 40-gallon Stainless Steel Sanitizer Reservoir, 40-gallon Stainless Steel Hot Caustic Reservoir, Recommended Water Requirements: 3/4" Line at 50 PSI equaling 120 GPM, Drain Requirement: No less than 1" ID drain hose, Power Requirements Single or 3 Phase 240V 30 Amp.

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