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I’m sure it will be a fan favorite in this price range soon.”. That is high-end audio and FiiO is doing that for a few years now. I’m considering FA9 as a wide sounding IEM and if you are searching for air and depth information, there is plenty of it in this one. The FiiO F9 Pro sits right in the middle of the catalog. FiiO did a really impressive job here with packaging as the first impression is quite positive. FiiO managed to get a great mid-range performance from this IEM, thanks to the brass sound tube and Knowles BA driver right inside the nozzle”. When I reviewed the FiiO F9, I was impressed by the sound quality and especially the build & design for 99$. They have a longer and a softer nozzle and will stay much more comfortable inside your ear without breaking the seal. Change the position of that switch and everything goes back to normal, sky is bluer and sub-bass starts pounding with a bigger force. In all honesty, I find the default Off position mighty fine sounding and the treble performance of FA9 in its stock form is one if its stronger points. In its stock form, FA9 are impressive in terms of speed and fast decays and that shouldn’t come as a surprise as most well-designed all-armature driver IEMs are sounding this way, having a speedy approach to music reproduction. It will come in handy at moving those switches up and down on the IEMs themselves and more about that really soon. Even the noisier sounding Burson Conductor 3X Performance was considerably more enjoyable to listen to with these by increasing their impedance. Again, Berkhan gave us his good word: “ The guys at FiiO know how to improve themselves in this very crowded IEM market. It is kind of interesting seeing that besides high frequencies, FiiO is taking extra care of the ultra-high frequencies as well or top octave as I am calling it. When I was reviewing the Audobyte HydraVox DAC and headphone amp combo, I was really mesmerized by its performance, but saddened by that slight hiss with FH7 IEMs. FiiO FA9 Coes as an upgrade on FiiO FA7 that featured quad BA driver setup. Sub-bass went from missing in action to Oooh, there you are! Spin-Fit ear tips are really comfortable to wear in the long run, but for my ear-canals, memory foam tips are having a better seal, so this is what I will be using for the rest of this review. That separation and tonality simply blew me over for this price.”. The shell is made of plastic, and not acrylic or metal, but nicely “nano-coated” to withstand daily use. The article continues on Page Two, after the click here. I don’t like peaks in the treble (FH7 has a little bit of that), FA9 doesn’t have them and sounds coherent and linear top to bottom. The FiiO FD1 is another new IEM, neither hybrid nor balanced, it’s a pure dynamic driver, and that’s quite rare nowadays. FA9, as FH7 is having a total of 30 ear tips! FH7 was by a hair less impressive in there, a bit hollow sounding too and was losing a bit of texture and detail in that region. They have shown that perfection is within their grasp though. Here is their RAW measurements in its stock form, as you can see it looks perfect in the mid-bass and midrange, there is a serious roll-off in the sub-bass that was immediately felt and there is a dip in the lower treble that’s scares some of the brightness. A nerdy guy with a passion for audio and gadgets, he likes to combine his DAC and his swiss knife. More about this very soon. Is it as good as it seems? After taking the IEMs out of the foam that holds them, I am again surprised by the sheer number of ear-tips and accessories that FiiO put in this package. The cable quality is nice, but it uses only 4 SPC conductors instead of 8 on the FA9. FA7 is almost there in all key aspects and FA9 is really there, except for the ultimate thump and kick that I wish it borrowed from FH7. FiiO have slowly been advancing into the high-end market with their products encroaching onto new price brackets. I was always searching for them and I had hard time detecting them. Balanced ear tips (3 pairs of S, M and L – the standard white silicone ones) Here’s a free tip on how to improve your FA9: take out the default balanced medium sized tip and never use it again! It looks a lot like the FH5, sharing the same shell just in a different color tone, with more drivers and different tuning. Your FA9 will be singing at their maximum potential. The shell is made of aluminum, the bundle is quite extensive, and the sound should fit almost every demand, in this price range. The nozzle depth is at about 5mm in length, so again lots of Comply, Spin-Fit and other ear-tip brands will work with these no problem. By comparison, FA7 feels smaller and shier sounding too. This ”new” way of tuning your IEM to your liking was the most intriguing feature for me and I will share more thought about this in this review, but the switch combination permit … The FA9 marks the first time FiiO has employed Knowles EJ balanced armature drivers, commonly used among high-end IEMs. I promise that any other tip will sound better. Visually, the ear differs from the FH1 and FA1 again. Coming from the FH7, I immediately felt a heavier and more life-like midrange that captures my attention. Both are really amazing products and price wise they are only $50 apart. FA7 is sometimes shouty sounding, lacking midrange presence, lacks utmost punch and impact, it is slower sounding too with longer decays and it is considerably less extended at both ends (sub-bass and upper-treble). The cable provides very low resistance to the audio signal and provides a well-detailed signal from the source to the IEM’s. It’s not an IEM we had the chance to review yet, but the FH1 was pretty like by the audiophile community, so I’m sure we’ll try that one too. Hey Mike, I can promise you that I have nothing against classical music! They added their HB3 leather case in here as well, inside it you will find a smaller zipper case that holds the magnetic cable organizer and a brush that also works as a tiny flat screwdriver. Good luck with that! At the heart of the ear, FiiO fitted a Beryllium-plated driver, with a two-way magnetic circuit capable of producing nearly 1 Tesla of magnetic field. The FiiO FA1 is the brand entry-level “balanced-armature” IEM. By default, the high sensitivity of 113 dB per 1mW and a low impedance of just 16 Ohms is enabled, making them one of the easiest IEMs to drive and that is certainly so in my IEM collection, even beating the FH7 with their 111 dB per 1mW sensitivity. FiiO FA9 - Chameleon This review was published at the printed edition of hxosplus magazine and now I have translated it for Headfi. I would be tickled pink to win this and look and forward to making my friends green with envy. I’m already expecting some extra details past 16 KHz and I’m quite curious what MiniDSP EARS will say about that too. It was almost perfect in all key areas, but never really reached that point for me. They both have a top-notch build quality, but FH7 uses a metal housing with a matte black paint which I really like. I bet you do; these are for you then. Mid-bass and midrange are not affected at all by this switch and I’m really glad to see that. Haven't earned it, don't deserve it but would love to own it. I would put this as the default position, as it is not hurting the mid-bass performance, it doesn’t spill over those frequencies and most importantly the speed, decay and detail are not being affected at all. Obviously, what’s making FiiO’s special, is their ability to produce great gear, at an affordable price – even if the FiiO M15 may not fit this definition. Nanotechnos still collects all gear he gets, even his first MPMAN MP3 player. And you know what? My particular pair came with the medium sized Spin-Fit pre-applied on them. The impedance switch was another life-saver that made all my audio sources considerably less noisy sounding and very manageable in the long run. Is FiiO ever sleeping at night? Love ’80-ties pop music? It feels like a straight line if I’m overlooking that 3 kHz dip. We’ll see when we get one! You can actually see that ultra-long sound tube with your own eyes, it stretches for 80.6 mm, yes for 8 fricking centimeters that works as a low-pass filter, filtering out the midrange and treble excess and enhancing the bass performance and its sustain. I want it in all their high-end IEMs and I hope that FiiO would not patent it, so more manufacturers could adopt it in their future IEMs. It was natural that an all-armature-based FA9 would follow next and that time is now. The FiiO FH1 is a hybrid entry-level IEM. Being a transient response nut by definition, I simply don’t see myself ever touching this switch again. And, steadily, they up their game. Now, if FiiO would add another 2.5mm or 4.4mm cable in the package of the same quality in their next Tock, that would be some next level stuff (*hint *hint). In today’s review, we check out the FiiO FA9. With this setting, FA9 are offering an extended and linear sub-bass performance and it should remain in this position, if you ask me. The FiiO FH5 is, in my opinion, the best option available in this price range. Compared to the bass switch, S2 is an actual electronic treble booster. July 5, 2020. Holy mother of Odin! FiiO FA9 Universal IEM Review Introduction: Fiio is a Chinese HiFi brand that was established in 2007 and has experience in researching and developing countless portable music products of different types, and sells FiiO-branded products through sales agents worldwide. The FA9 we’re checking out today is a completely different beast, and definitely not a budget friendly offering. As a direct result, FA9 feels more detailed, airier, considerably more extended sounding and is more linear top to bottom. It’s still hybrid, but gets more precise transducers, and this loveable magnesium-aluminum shell. The FA7 retails for $299.99 and is available in either blue/red with clear shells or silver with smoke shells, via their official website and Amazon. S2 or the treble switch is the only switch that stays in the Off position by default. In terms of sound performance, FH7 was a real eye-opener for me back then, as it even outperformed some >$1000 IEMs that I’ve tried, including a custom pair of IEMs. Yet, the most impressive part for me is the instrument presentation. From four drivers in their previous all-balanced armature FA7, FiiO jumped directly to 6 drivers, having two of them for you bass, midrange and treble needs. Last month FiiO announced for immediate release four new IEMs: a beryllium plated single driver FD1, a true-wireless FW1, a new hybrid FH3 and their newest and the greatest IEM in their portfolio: the FA9 IEMs. This is not a surprise for me as it is a rule of thumb that balanced armatures are extremely fast sounding with minimal ringing, rise and decay. The latest example is the new Fiio FA9 flagship monitor which adopts a pure 6 driver balanced-armature configuration with 3 sound-adjustment switches, an 80.6 mm … Unboxing and Fit. 80.6mm ultra-long sound tube, specially-designed acoustic filter

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