msi monitor no signal hdmi

Assuming that your problem is also "Monitor no signal after start up" as per the thread. I've just updated my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Make sure the monitor is well attached to the power supply. Computer does not turn off itself when GPU is plugged in, as I know it does with some similar problems. I might conclude its the monitor … His original card, Zotac 980 AMP Extreme works fine with displayport and his ROG Swift, just not his 1080! Here's my laptop details: Note: It can be cross-tested by changing the monitor. I have tried multiple cords : HDMI - HDMI, HDMI - DVI , HDMI - VGA, nothing works. When it doesn’t detect the correct port, you get the No signal on display port message. This makes me assume that it's look for a display port cable, however I'm using an HDMI cable. I've recently started a build using the MSI GTX 970 and when it is plugged into the motherboard and computer starts up the screen says there is no signal. Prior to updating to Windows 10 I used to be able to plug it in via HDMI to the TV and it would automatically display correctly. Hi, i just bought a LG27mp58. Make sure the display cable is well attached to the monitor and graphics card. There are three different ports that most monitors can use to connect to a Windows 10 system; HDMI, DVI, and VGA. I tried on my backup pc as well on the new monitor, no signal. Starts up fine when using integrated graphics but nothing at all when plugged in. You can also try isolating the problem and see if the monitor/TV is working properly with other inputs. Use the fixes mentioned in this guide if … DP output to monitor HDMI port; o VGA output to monitor HDMI port. Comes up with a No Signal info. If you are using an HDMI to VGA converter, this can be bad news. 2. Check the monitor. At first I thought it was my gpu or pc, but changing to a different monitor shows everything works fine. You can hook your computer to a monitor or TV via HDMI to enjoy a bigger and better view of whatever is on your PC's display. When I plug my laptop into my LG 4K TV or an external monitor using an HDMI cable there's a "No signal" message on the monitor/TV. HDMI: No Signal on Monitor or TV [Solved] ... HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and for proper communication between two hardware components, both receiver and sender devices must recognize the HDMI signal and is often called HDMI handshake. I recently built my first PC and am using an Optix G241 monitor and whenever I turn it on it shows the msi logo, goes to black and then says no DP: No Signal. I have another laptop on Windows 7 and and if I try to connect directly with VGA - VGA, it works, but does not work with HDMI from the same laptop. o HDMI output to monitor VGA port Have a mate who has an issue with his new MSI 1080 Gaming X where it will boot into the BIOS/Post screens but hangs when loading Windows 10 and the monitor loses signal (ROG Swift), CTR-ALT-DEL works so it's not a hard lock. I press the power button and it says DP No Signal. It show no signal througj hdmi and dvi cable. Replace other identical display cable (VGA / DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort) to take cross-test. Basically, it does not work with HDMI at all. The monitor is not detected. You didn't say if you tried your monitor on a different known working PC to check if it worked OK, a different known working monitor or a new monitor cable or even a different video output signal type (if available) e.g. I'm trying to the run the HDMI from my PC graphics card to the monitor but don't know how to change the source. Normally, a monitor will automatically detect which sort of port has been used to connect to a computer. If the signal is detected from the other laptop, it means there are either some misconfigurations in your laptop or the HDMI port is not working. I just bought the 24" MSI G24C4 and I cannot get it to go to HDMI. Make sure the power indicator is lit on. VGA can’t be directly converted to HDMI, VGA is an analog signal, and HDMI is a digital video signal, it needs to convert the signal through the adapter, after the conversion, the signal is easy to lose signal and reduce the image quality. Change monitor port.

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