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Tower fans are more practical than most pedestal fans. The first thing to note is that you should wear a mask to protect yourself. 7 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights – Lighten Up and Cool Down Your Room, 9 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans — Reviews and Buying Guide, 5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light – Why Only to Have a Fan if You Can Have 2-in-1 Model, How to Remove a Ceiling Fan – Safe and Easy Ways, 10 Best Floor Fans – Reviews and Buying Guide, 10 Best Solar Attic Fans to Reduce Your Electricity Bills. It is an ideal unit to have in your mansion, condo, apartment or holiday home. In most situations, you're going to need to remove the fan so that both sides of the fan can be cleaned. Try to clean those hard to reach spots. They might even get dirtier than pedestal fans as they have more enclosures that can trap dirt. You can then use brush vacuuming on the rear end of the fan to remove any dust that was blown by the compressed burst of air from the can. They are affordable, powerful, and the easiest type of fan to keep clean. Wait for the fan to come to a stop. Once your CPU cooler and fans are clean, you need to get those power supply cables clean as well. Dyson AM07 Tower Fan. Note: Using Air compressor is the most efficient tool to clean accumulated dust and darts in the tower fan. How to Clean Lasko Tower Fan. Luckily this is one of the easy to clean tower fans in the market currently. Cleaning Instructions: You can also use a pipe cleaner to remove dust in remote areas inside the fan, especially in gaps between the grilles or grills. Using the brush attachment connected to vacuum hose, remove the excess dirt from the grills and the surface of the unit. 8 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans to Regulate Moisture Levels in Your Most Humid Room, 5 Best Ceiling Fans with Remote Control for Effortless Operation, 4 Excellent Kitchen Ceiling Fans to Freshen Up the Room, 6 Stunning Tower Fans — Ultimate Coolness in a Space-Saving Design. The Lasko tower fan comes with a sleek, stylish, and state-of-the-art design. Remove the screws that are holding the grill in place, Use compressed air and a brush vacuum to clean the motor (be sure not to get any liquid inside the motor), Wipe away any remaining dirt on the grills with a damp cloth, Leave the grills to dry as you wipe down the rest of the fan body, Once everything is dry, put it all back together, making sure that the screws holding the motor are tight. Make sure you don’t use any cleaning liquids or solvents. Remember not to use strong chemicals or submerge the fan in the water while cleaning it. T ower fans easily gather dust, pet hair and other allergens, so to keep your tower fan running efficiently, you’ll need to clean it on a regular basis. If the CPU fan connects to the top of a passive heat sink, it must be removed to clean off the dust. Remove the grills, use a brush vacuum, wipe away the dirt, and use a can of compressed air. Your email address will not be published. Different brands of tower fans are cleaned differently. Even though a screwdriver will rarely be used other than when thorough and professional cleaning is being done, you should have it with you. Required fields are marked *. It is based on the numerous benefits the fan comes with that we have ventured into how to clean it. The first thing to note is that you should wear a mask to protect yourself. Remove the grills, use a brush vacuum, wipe away the dirt, and use a can of compressed air. First, unplug the tower fan, and place it in an area where you can move freely while cleaning it. When it comes to how to clean your tower fan, you should beware of the different types of fans that are out there. A handheld vacuum cleaner that can vacuum small spaces, Screwdriver (Philips if you can, otherwise, whatever matches the screws on your fan), A light clean – just the grill and the outer shell. After you are done with the process, using a wet cloth, wipe the outer body of the fan. Learn Affiliate Disclaimer, Best Oil Filled Heaters (Reviews + Buying Guide 2020), Best Radiant Barrier – Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Pellet Stoves to Buy (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020), Best UV HVAC lights (Reviews + Buying Guide 2020), Best Deadbolts of 2020 to Secure Your Home, Best Zero Gravity Chair For Outside Use in 2020, Best Rocks For Fire Pit Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, 10 Best Deck Paint in 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, How to Clean a Seville Classics Tower Fan. But purchasing an air compressor can cost 70$-300$. If you’ve already managed your cables effectively, go ahead, and aim your blower at them. Turn the fan off and take it outside where you can spray it with a leaf blower. Developed by Home Analyst Home Analyst is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. Moreover, when you open up the fan, the warranty becomes void as is indicated in the user manual. To enable you to get the maximum value out of your tower fan, you will need to clean it at least two times a month. Ideally, the intake vents are located at the back of the tower and the exhaust on the front end. All you’re going to need is a can of compressed air, a wiping cloth, and a brush vacuum. Tower fans work like an air purifier, generating cool and clean air to ensure you’re living in a safe environment. Once you’ve done this, wipe away any dirt that’s stuck with a damp cloth. If you aren’t cleaning your fan the right way, you might be losing the chance to increase the lifespan and improve the performance of your fan. Though some of the tower fans require that they get dismantled for proper cleaning to take place, many manufacturers today are moving away from these types of fans. While a standard air compressor can be expensive, just invest in a cheap ($10-$20) air compressor can for the job. If the screws are difficult to reach or hidden the grill wasn’t designed to be removed. The ionizer unit is located within the fan. Your email address will not be published. Tower Fan Cleaning Process. But even if your fan requires you to use the screwdrivers, you should find a user-annual in the seller’s package. Using a clean wet cloth, wipe the surface of the tower fan. This helps at not only reducing dust build-up, but it also guarantees the safety of the fan and its longevity too. Subscribe to keep up to date with top products to buy online. The Lasko tower fan cleaning procedures are as follows; Honeywell tower fans are quite popular the same as the Honeywell brand. [1] X Expert Source Alicia Sokolowski Green Cleaning Specialist Expert Interview. How to clean the computer tower: Which components should I clean? Remember not to shake the can before using it. Rub-down the exterior of the fan using the cloth doused in dish soap. Return the filter inside the filter and make sure you have locked the door properly. Additionally, Lasko Tower fans provide some benefits. Small bowl (optional) 5. Avoid using any kind of liquids or solvents. This fan is unique in that it can’t be disassembled. In addition to the purifying benefits these charged particles provide, they have also been found to reduce static … Use the can to blow quick bursts of air into the front/ exhaust end of the fan. Clean out the top part of the fan with a moist wipe. Make the brush slide evenly over the grills found on both ends of the tower. It would be best if you learned the simple and efficient ways of how to clean tower fan without taking it apart. Cleaning a Lasko Tower/Blower Fan. The AM07 uses "Air Multiplier" technology to create a smooth stream of air without using visible blades. Start with unplugging the fan. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Other tools that you might find necessary include a dust mask and a leaf blower. Secondly, you should identify a well-ventilated place in your home or backyard where you can do the cleaning. What not to do when cleaning a Lasko tower fan. As regular fans, tower-style fans collect a lot of dust with use. Thus a tower fan with an ionizer is aimed at those who have any allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities. To start, unplug the fan. While regular fans are typically designed to be taken apart for cleaning, most tower fans prove problematic to clean with a vacuum and cloth the way most manufacturers recommend. You’ll only be able to clean the grills from the outside. Pedestal fans tend to be more powerful, and you have more control over the direction the air flows in – though this doesn’t mean that pedestal fans don’t get dirty – they do! Philips head screwdriver (optional) 4. Unfortunately I cleaned out everything, even though it’s was pretty clean in there once I opened it up. These cans can be bought at your local store. Do not take the unit apart in order to clean it. It is recommended to wear the protective eyewear and mask since, in the cleaning process, there will be a lot of dust flying out of the appliance. You need to follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go. If you’ve not saved the fan box (I rarely save boxes), cover the fan with a contractor’s plastic bag when you store it … Lasko tower fans are designed in such a way that you needn’t open them up when cleaning them. Steps in cleaning. For safety purposes, you do not need to disassemble the fan casing nor remove the blades. You can repeat this process as many times as you find necessary. While regular fans are typically designed to be disassembled for cleaning, most tower fans are problematic to clean with a vacuum and cloth the way most manufacturers recommend. If this exceeds your budget can go for compressed air can or duster which will cost only 10$-20$. The blades are sharp and can be quite dangerous. Repeat this process on the air inflow side of the tower. These both gather quite a bit of dirt over time and need to be cleaning thoroughly. Among the various types of Honeywell fan, the tower fans of Honeywell require less maintenance. The best bet, however, is to prevent the problem next year. For cleaning mini-tower fans, all your steps will be the same. Repeat the “blowing – brushing – vacuuming” steps until all the dirt on the blades and inside of the fan are gone. Ensure fan is unplugged before cleaning. Follow the vacuuming of the unit by spraying the grills with compressed air. A tower fan allows you to cool the air in a room with ease and in a cost-efficient manner. It would be best if you had this piece of equipment to be working at its most optimal capacity always. This is for safety and performance reasons. First and foremost, you need to unplug the fan before you can start cleaning it. If you are looking for excellent results, use a leaf blower to finish the dirt particles hanging onto the fan. Cleaning your fan using this method will only take you several minutes. All fans’ units were created to provide a high-velocity airflow in a compact package. Our guide will look at the cleaning process for different types of tower fans, and some tips for each one to help you out. Using both hands, hold the circular portion upright so that you can examine the inside for dust. Overall, you will find that this type of fan not only comes at a much lower price than central air conditioning, but it consumes less power. Follow the vedio to clean Vornado tower fan using air compressor. While using the brush attachment, scrub the grills on both the rear and front ends. You needn’t use detergents or chemicals to get exceptional results. If there is no vacuum hose, spray a burst of compressed air on to the grills. To ensure that your tower fan is completely clean, use a can of compressed air. Luckily, these fans are quick and easy to clean. When it comes to how to clean Honeywell tower fan, you should note that the procedure is a bit different from that of cleaning a tabletop fan. Leave the fan unplugged so it can’t activate while you’re cleaning it. The trick here is to first turn the fan on after spraying it with the can air compressor. The Dyson AM07 is a bladeless tower fan released in 2014. Using a vacuum hose attached to a brush attachment, vacuum the front end of the fan. To clean a Honeywell Tower Fan, make sure you have a soft cotton cloth, cleaning brush with soft bristles, a small bowl, protective mask, and eyewear. A tower fan needs to be cleaned regularly for it to keep delivering clean, cool breezes inside a room. You can attach the brush to a vacuum cleaner hose. If you have a traditional or normal Honeywell fan in your home, we suggest you replace it will more efficient and a classic tower fan. For tower fans, clean with brush attachment on your vacuum along the intake grills to remove lint and dirt. It has a rotating base that enables it to push out cool air at 90°. Depending on how much dust you find, use a damp cloth to clean and remove any dirt particles from inside the fan. To clean the outside of the fan and the grills, simply use a can of compressed air and the brush attachments for your vacuum. Failure to clean the fan can lead to the filter and the grill getting clogged and the unit stopping to work altogether. The only thing you will be required to remove from your fan is the filter as is the case with the Honeywell tower filter. They offer better air circulation in warm weather, and they are cheaper to maintain. The first thing to do is to identify where the tower fan’s exhaust and intake vents are. Eyewear (optional) 2. The small surface of the tower fans and the height of the cooling wind make them useful for small spaces. Tower fans' small surface footprint and height of cooling wind make them useful for small spaces. They take less space and look significantly more stylish. Follow this process if you want to know how to clean a HoneyWall QuietSet tower fan. What is more, it is portable. There are a number of different hardware components living inside of your tower that will likely need a bit of cleaning up. 10 Best Evaporative Coolers – Fight the Heat Effectively! Remove all the hanging dirt particles from the surface of the fan using a vacuum cleaner. Vornado tower fans are quite popular mainly because of their design, effectiveness and probably the 5-year warranty. All rights reserved. A clean damp piece of cloth is enough. Can of compressed air 6 We promise! Always turn off the fan before attempting to open it. 15 September 2020. Wipe the outside of the tower fan with a wet cloth and dishwashing liquid detergent. The goal of this guide is to get you informed enough to clean your tower fan the right way. Avoid Cleaning Fans Again Next Year. We have ventured into how you can clean your fan without necessarily taking it apart. A tower fan needs to be cleaned regularly for it to keep delivering clean, cool breezes inside a room. Wipe everything down with a slightly damp cloth if you need to. Remove the grill by taking out the screws or remove the clips holding it in place, Take off the blade cap – it’s usually a screw off, Slide the blades off once the cap has been removed, This will expose the nut that’s holding the rear grill in place. The issue is that most people don’t know how to take apart and clean them. Some of the requirements you need to have with you before you begin cleaning include the following; The lubrication comes in handy if your tower fan is old or there is some dismantling necessary. You should, therefore, carefully read end-user cleaning instructions before you can start the cleaning process. I’ve used my vacuum cleaner nozzle to clean our fans, and it works pretty well. We won’t rent or sell or spam your email. 2019 - 2020. Actually, tower fans consist of the space-conservation and ionic blowers. Remove the air filter from the fan and vacuum it thoroughly. If there is a lot of dust in your locality, you should clean the fan twice a week. But dusting the fan’s exterior with a microfiber cloth or vacuuming it with one of our recommended upright vacuums or pet hair vacuums, isn’t enough.You’ll need to open the fan up and clean its interior as well. Because there will be a lot of particles blowing all over, wear a dust mask. You need to know how to clean Vornado fan if at all you are going to enjoy the immense benefits it comes with. If you want to deep clean, remove the grills first. Same as ceiling fans, cleaning a tower fan helps to improve the air circulation process as well as the overall maintenance of the tower fan.A well-maintained fan will save you energy costs usually incurred in cooling your home. How To Clean Seville Clics Tower Fan by Saum Hadi Posted on February 5, 2018 Top 10 best tower fan reviews in 2019 holmes 38 inches tower fan group htf38138 bm the best seville clics ultraslimline ehf10111 40 inch tower fan easy ways to clean a tower fan 13 s with pictures top 15 best oscillating fans in 2019 plete You can proceed to … This should take care of most of the dust lodged between the wires. Begin by unplugging the tower fan. … It is recommended that you do this type of fan cleaning twice a week to keep the fan in the most optimal shape. Use the can of compressed air over the grill to loosen the dirt held in it. To be honest, taking the unit apart to clean it kind of makes sense. Your email address will not be published. 1. Mask to wear(optional) 3. How to clean tower fan without taking it apart. By using the brush attachment on a hoover is one of the most effective ways to clean the tower fan. Just like regular fans, tower style fans collect a lot of dust with use. Moreover, there are professionals in your area who can help you clean your tower fan. The tower features inlets on its sides that allow it to pull in air. Unplug the fan and wait for the blades to stop moving. Tower fans are favoured over other types of fans for many reasons. Unlike other fans, this type of fan does not require opening the housing for cleaning. There are those that the manufacturers have explicitly said they shouldn’t be opened while there are those that you can open up and clean. This is why, in this review, we are looking into how to clean your tower fan. Then you need to get your cleaning supplies which may include; Screwdriver; Compressed air cans; Vacuum cleaner/blower. The process for cleaning one fan well doesn’t always work for other fans. Thanks for the post. For safety purposes, never open these units for any reason. It would be best if you learned the simple and efficient ways of how to clean tower fan without taking it apart. Tower fans are increasingly becoming common. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy using your fan for many years. Do not clean the unit with liquids/Solvents; To answer the above query, it is recommended not to use any detergents, solvents or liquids of any kind to clean your Lasko tower fan. In instances when the dirt built up is quite extreme, use the services of a professional. Reference: To clean a fan in your home, will only take 1-1.30 hours if you are doing it the first time. I’m trying to fix a whirring/ loud fan sound on my Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower. For stand, table and wall mount fans, first disassemble front and rear grills. In the process of cooling the air in the room, the air filter inside the tower accumulates dust particles. If the filter gets dirty and never gets cleaned, however, the air will become ‘murky’ and completely go against the main goal of the tower fan. Once you've decided what you're going to use to clean the fans, open the computer case and locate the fan you want to clean. You’ve got your tools, safety gear, and computer case cracked open, now it’s time to get cleaning.

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